Defensive Nightmare for Arsenal

There is a much overused cliche in football “you can’t legislate for that” (probably lost some of its resonance in this country at the moment as, on the whole, nobody seems to be able to legislate!).  When you’re defending you do everything you can to get your positioning right, clear danger etc.  But when a teammate tries to clear the ball and it ricochets of you and flies into the net, it’s a pretty sickening feeling. 

So I have to sympathise for both Miquel and Ramsey in today’s Arsenal v Liverpool game.  It was an horrendous piece of luck and understandable how that happens with Suarez breathing down your neck on the six yard box. 

However unfortunate, any player who has “scored” unfortunate own goals like that will know that it haunts you.  There will always be a healthy amount of teasing doled out to you by your teammates for a week or two.  That said, Wenger doesn’t look like he’s in much of a mood for light hearted banter in the dressing room today! 

While the second goal came late as Arsenal chased an equaliser there were the all too familiar defensive frailties evident for the Gunners today… not sure this can be blamed on Fabregas’ departure.  Time for Wenger to finally put his hand in his pocket and buy big to strengthen the spine in his team. They haven’t had a solid central defense or midfield since Campbell and Viera played in those departments respectively!


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