Nasri brings more swashbuckling talent for City… but is it too much?

On Sunday, City brought back memories of Kevin Keegan’s first Newcastle side back in the early 90s – an aggressive attacking mentality that recklessly throws caution to the wind and screams “live free or die!”. Or as Keegan famously put it: “I’m a firm believer that to win a game you only have to score one more than the opposition.”  The math never lies King Kev!

Entertainment should not be hard to come by this season if the Blues continue to play with such an attacking bent.  And City were playing with Yaya Toure and Gareth Barry (ok, he scored a good goal) who are more defensively minded, and indeed defensively competent, midfielders.  How will Mancini accomodate Nasri alongside attacking talent like Silva (who has been phenomenal so far), without weakening the defensive side of his midfield.  Two traditional playmakers in an EPL midfield? I don’t like that too much, even if they were playing at home.

Nasri could play anywhere across the midfield or behind the strikers, so he might slot in wide. But Mancini has wide players like Milner and Johnson who are good going forward but also industrious tracking back. It could be a case of squad rotation given how many games they will play this year but either way there will be changes and the one thing that could hamper City as they challenge United is a lack of continuity.

For a bit of fun it is worth going on the squad selector for City on the BBC’s website… it really brings home what a tough task Mancini has.  The classic “Nice problem to have”. 

In terms of the price tag, it doesn’t seem excessive given Nasri’s recent form.  But as many Gooners will point out, it took him a while to come into his own at Arsenal.  His form was sensational at the end of last season, but I think most Arsenal fans are going to be more than happy with the reported $41 million they are getting… provided Wenger gets the cheque book out and actually spends it!


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