Howard the Match Winner

It’s usually the striker who gets all the glory as the match winner, but anyone watching Tim Howard’s performance as Everton stole a win against Blackburn would be happy to give him all the plaudits.  He saved the first penalty brilliantly by guessing the right way.  The second time he guessed wrong, but I think he’d psyched Formica out.  He was shouting “come on” at him and I think that might have done enough to interrupt the Argentinian’s concentration (a la Bruce Grobelaar).  In between he made a phenomenal save after Goodwillie (he was excellent at Dundee United and did well today when he came on) pulled back for Formica.  It was one of those where people might say it was very close to him, but Howard was going the other way and he pulled off an unbelievable quick reaction save.

The U.S. has produced some fantastic goalkeepers over the years.  Friedel, at the tender age of 40 was man of the match for Spurs against United on Monday, in spite of the 3-0 thrashing. Tim Howard goes from strength to strength.

From a U.S. national team point of view, it could be a good season too, as it looks like Howard will get plenty of practice in the Goodison goal.  Everton may have stolen the spoils but they look very poor and Blackburn really deserved to take all three points. The Toffees look seriously suspect at the back and actually didn’t create much going forward either.  Blackburn didn’t take their chances but they cut Everton apart on the counter at times, and this isn’t a particularly good Blackburn side either.

Moyes looks forward to home games against Villa and Wigan, so they might well pick up more points.  After that though, it’s City (A), Liverpool (H), Chelsea (A), Fulham (A) Utd (H). Given City’s recent counter attacking verve, they could pick Everton apart like the stitching in a cheap suit. It will be interesting to see how many points Everton take from that run of fixtures!



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