Arms Race in Manchester

Two super powers both stock piling awesome and terrifying arsenals of attacking weaponry?  Yes, we are beginning to see the effects of the arms race in the capital of England’s rainy weather. 

Both sides look utterly terrifying going forward.  Probably an easier prospect for United today against an absolutely appalling Arsenal defense and playing at home, but Young, Rooney, Cleverley, Nani, Welbeck and then Hernandez were a nightmare prospect for an Arsenal defense that was at sixes and sevens and got little to no support from a criminally negligent Arsenal midfield.  Obviously not Arsenal’s first choice defense, but let’s not forget, it wasn’t United’s either (no Ferdinand, Vidic or Rafael. 

Magic free kicks from Rooney, exquisite curling efforts from Young, Anderson pulling the strings… just absolutely wonderful to watch. 

For City, away from home, they simply blew Spurs away, in a large part due to the power of Dzeko. Nasri leaving Arsenal behind without too many problems looked in his element playing with Aguero and Silva.  Both sides have some phenomenal attacking talent and I can’t wait until the first derby in October.  It will be a mouth watering prospect if both sides continue playing with this type of offensive spirit.

Hard to pick between them going forward. But what about defensively? City are looking solid at the back as well, but when United have their first choice back line in place, that could be the differentiating factor.  I still think United are slightly stronger here, although they would be more confident if De Gea looked slightly more solid behind the back four. 




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